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Understanding your DIY portfolio
Understanding your DIY portfolio
Written by AnnaMarie Houlis
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What is my DIY portfolio?

On your performance dashboard, you can add Investment Kits to two different types of portfolios: your AI Portfolio and your DIY Portfolio. Your DIY Portfolio is listed in orange at the bottom of your performance dashboard under Your Portfolios. When you select it, you’ll see the Kits currently invested in your DIY Portfolio.

In the DIY Portfolio, you choose the initial allocations among Kits and you adjust the allocation among those Kits as you see fit. It is important to note that it is the AI that is managing the individual Kits while you manage the allocation among those Kits.

You can add funds to this portfolio by tapping Deposit. Any money that you add will be invested in the next trading window. Just make sure to hit the minimum amount for the DIY Portfolio, which is $40. You need to invest at least $40 in this portfolio in order to use it.

You can choose how you want to invest that money, and you can change those allocations at any time. Simply tap Edit Portfolio. From here, you can add Investment Kits and manually input the percentage of your funds that you want to add to each. While our AI handles the holdings within each Kit, you can handle how much money you want to allocate to each Kit.

For example, you may have 30% of your funds invested in the Value Vault, 20% in Smarter Beta, 20% in Inflation Protection, 10% in Bitcoin Breakout, 10% in Tech Rally and 10% in Guilty Pleasures. Each week our AI-powered models refresh the holdings in each Kit, but DIY Portfolio will never adjust the percentage breakdown of the Kits that make up your DIY Portfolio.

Visit our Learn Center to learn more about the DIY Portfolio.

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