You only need a minimum of $100 to fund your account and start building wealth with However, when you select a portfolio or an individual Investment Kit, you will notice that there are investment minimums that are different from that initial $100 deposit.

Here’s how the minimums break down.

Minimum deposit to get started

In order to create an active account with, you need to fund it with at least $100. This is the absolute minimum amount that you need to invest to get started.

AI Portfolio vs DIY Portfolio minimums

The minimum amount for the DIY Portfolio is just $100. The minimum required balance you need to be invested in the AI Portfolio, however, is $1,000.

This means that, at any given time, regardless of whatever Kits you choose to include in your AI or DIY Portfolio(s), the funds in those Kits need to add up to at least $1,000 and $100, respectively.

For example, if you want to invest in Tech Rally, a Kit with a minimum investment of $50, in your DIY Portfolio, you need to either invest $100 or more in that single Kit, or invest in at least $50 worth of another Kit to reach the $100 DIY Portfolio minimum. If you want to invest only $50, you would need to also invest in U.S. Outperformance ($25) and Large Cap ($25), or other Kits that add up to $100 total.

Cash Portfolio minimum

The Cash Portfolio requires a minimum of just $10.

Investment Kit minimums

At this time, these are the investment minimums for each Kit offered.

Foundation Kits

  • Emerging Tech: $250

  • Global Trends: $250

  • Value Vault: $200

  • Smarter Beta: $100

  • Active Indexer: $100

Limited Edition Kits

  • Infrastructure Spending: $250

  • Global Microchip Shortage: $200

  • Back to School: $200

  • Inflation Protection: $100

  • Tech Rally: $50

  • Bitcoin Breakout: $50

  • U.S. Outperformance: $25

  • Large Cap: $25

Specialty Kits

  • Clean Tech: $250

  • Guilty Pleasures: $200

  • Short Squeeze: $200

  • Precious Metals: $100

  • Crypto: $100

Community Kits

  • Forbes: $200

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