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Investment minimums for portfolios and Kits
Investment minimums for portfolios and Kits

Everything you need to know about investment minimums for each type of portfolio and Kit

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When you select a portfolio or an individual Investment Kit, you will notice that there are various investment minimums for our Kits and portfolios.

This article breaks down how all of our investment minimums work.

AI and DIY Portfolio minimums

The minimum amount for the DIY Portfolio is just $40. The minimum required balance you need to be invested in the AI Portfolio, however, is $400.

This means that, at any given time, regardless of whatever Kits you choose to include in your AI or DIY Portfolio(s), the funds in those Kits need to add up to at least $400 and $40, respectively.

For example, if you want to invest in Tech Rally, a Kit with a minimum investment of $50, in your AI Portfolio, you need to either invest $350 or more in that single Kit, or invest in at least $350 worth of other Kits to reach the $400 AI Portfolio minimum.

Cash Portfolio minimum

The Cash Portfolio requires a minimum of just $10.

Investment Kit minimums

At this time, these are the investment minimums for each Kit offered.

Visit our Learn Center to learn more about investment minimums.

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