Gasoline in the U.S. is more expensive than ever before. But your portfolio doesn’t have to take a hit with your wallet.

What is the Gas Spike Kit? has the educated outlook that crude oil prices will start to decline in the next few months ahead. However, we also expect that gasoline prices will still remain high, especially throughout the summer.

The result: a widening in prices at the pump and the costs of crude oil.

The divide between waning crude oil prices and stagnant gas prices could create value for investors. And is here to help you garner wins from that widening.

U.S. Outperformance FAQs

What kind of assets are in the Gas Spike Kit?

  • The Kit taps into commodity ETFs, investing in U.S. Gasoline Fund (UGA) and shorting crude oil with ProShares UltraShort Bloomberg Crude Oil (SCO), an inverse ETF for crude oil futures.

What strategies does the Gas Spike Kit use?

  • Long gasoline and short crude oil

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