Bitcoin Breakout is one of our Limited Edition Kits that focuses on a future appreciation in Bitcoin. This Kit creates a hedge against risk related to the overall tech market for investors that see potential in Bitcoin. Bitcoin Breakout uses a long-short approach, purchasing a Bitcoin ETF and using an inverse ETF to create a short against the Nasdaq 100.

Examples of assets in the Kit

  • Bitcoin ETF (GBTC)

  • Inverse ETF (PSQ) to create a short against the Nasdaq 100

  • QQQ ETF to have a beta of zero against the Nasdaq 100

Example of Kit allocation in a given week

Kit benefits

Users can capitalize on the upside associated with Bitcoin with less exposure to tech stocks. Even if Bitcoin is dragged down by a general tech sell-off, this Kit should offset negative impacts.

Asset class focus

Digital assets and equity ETFs

Risk level


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