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The technology behind
The technology behind

This is the type of technology that uses

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Updated over a week ago is backed by humans—real people with real investing experience and knowledge. The team makes big-picture decisions—like which Investment Kits to create and what types of investment strategies to use when creating a Kit. They discuss all aspects of each Kit, and our quants get to work bringing those ideas to fruition. Quants are quantitative researchers. They are specialists in both finance and technology.

All aspects of each kit include the investment rationale, the universe of securities, the risk level of the strategy and the potential timeframe of investment.

After that, there’s no more human intervention in asset selection or allocation. Our artificial intelligence (AI) steps in. It uses the features of the securities over a multi-year history to “learn” and make weekly investment decisions. Our quants and engineers have developed a collection of machine-learning algorithms that absorb and process enormous amounts of information.

We collect all types of information for all securities in our universes. Of course we get pricing and volume data on a daily basis, but we also get more diverse information such as options data, short interest, news and even social media data gathered from all places of the internet

Thanks to AI, we’re able to make decisions with better information, greater precision and remarkable predictive results. Many of our Kits have built-in Portfolio Protection using the information gathered by AI. (Learn more about our Portfolio Protection.)

Our AI also gives us very precise control on the risk management for each strategy, choosing the perfect portfolio composition to get the most amount of return for a given risk level.

Our AI is constantly monitoring and managing your investments, ensuring that your portfolio stays in peak condition. No more investing FOMO or second-guessing a decision to buy or sell.

Most importantly, is designed with you in mind. You pick Kits that match your personal interests and values.

All it takes is a few taps, and you’re in.”

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