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While your app is not in use, notifications deliver short, timely information about your app.

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Through push notifications, you can be notified of events or transactions that affect your account. Here is how you set up the notifications.

In-app push notifications

  1. Tap Account Settings in the upper left corner of your dashboard

  2. Scroll down to find 🔔 Push Notifications

  3. 3. Toggle on the switch to activate push notifications (make sure it turns green)

Now you can receive important messages about your account and the app in general.

iOS notification center

  1. On your device, tap Settings

  2. Scroll down to select Notifications

  3. Find and tap

  4. Tap the toggle switch Allow Notifications

  5. Choose what type of alerts you want your phone to display

  6. You can also customize your notifications by banner style, sounds and badges. Additionally, you can select what type of preview you want to show you.

Android notifications

  1. Open your phone's settings app

  2. Tap Notifications and then App Settings

  3. Find and tap

  4. Turn the app’s notifications on or off

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