A 1099 form looks similar to this:

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  1. Qai’s address and taxpayer identification number (TIN) - You will need this payer TIN when you file your tax return

  2. Your account information, including your account ID, address and TIN - You’ll need your account ID to import your 1099 into your tax software provider, if applicable

  3. Document ID - You’ll need your document ID to import your 1099 into your tax software provider, if applicable

  4. Dividends and distributions (IRS Form 1099-DIV) - These include income from any dividends or distributions from an investment during the year

  5. Miscellaneous income (IRS Form 1099-MISC) - This includes any miscellaneous income during the year, such as referral bonuses or manufactured income

  6. Summary of proceeds (IRS Form 1099-B) - “Short”-term refers to investments held for one year or less. “Long”-term refers to investments held for over one year

  7. Proceeds - This represents the gross amount of money you received in exchange for selling positions within the year

  8. Cost basis - This is your cost basis, which may be subject to corporate actions or wash sales throughout the year

  9. Wash-sales loss disallowed - These refer to the amount of realized losses that are subject to the IRS wash-sale rule

  10. Net gain or loss - This refers to the total gain or loss of all positions sold during the tax year per Form 8949 category

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