Smarter Beta

Smarter Beta was formerly known as Power Factor Kit

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Smarter Beta is one of's original Kits and remains one of the foundational Kits. In summary, the Kit captures the array of U.S. equity market and adjusts among them to optimize for risk and reward.

What is the Investing Strategy of Smarter Beta?

With Smarter Beta experience professional factor-based trading without all the research and market know-how.

Smarter Beta is actively trading U.S. large-cap factor ETFs based on value, growth, momentum, and volatility, while constantly observing major market rotations to leverage and maximize performance.

Smarter Beta is capturing varying “flavors” of the U.S. equity market and adjusting between them to optimize for risk and reward.

Smarter Beta FAQs

What is the risk level?


What are some examples of assets in the Kit?

Underlying these ETFs are an array of mostly large-cap companies such as Nike, Apple, Meta (Facebook), Microsoft, Target, and many others.

What kind of assets are in Smarter Beta?

  • U.S. large-cap factor ETFs

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