What is the Short Squeeze Kit?

Q.ai is on the lookout for top short squeeze opportunities with the latest Specialty Investment Kit. Using proprietary machine learning, the Short Squeeze Kit studies patterns of prior companies with high short interest—the ratio of shares sold short to daily average volume—to seek the best potential candidates to surge on increased demand from short sellers covering their positions.

Q.ai’s machine learning looks for patterns and predicts future money-making opportunities within 2,000 US equities before they happen. The Short Squeeze Kit rebalances each week to provide investors with the most upside potential.

Short Squeeze Kit FAQs

What kind of assets are in the Short Squeeze Kit?

  • US Stocks

What strategies does the Short Squeeze Kit use?

  • The Short Squeeze Kit incorporates a learn-to-rank model that leverages AI that is trained on the historical features of stocks with high short interest

  • Q.ai's machine learning capabilities help it to identify patterns and predictions of future opportunities before they happen

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