What is the Guilty Pleasures Kit?

Guilty pleasures are guilty because there’s something taboo about ’em—but you’re safe with Q.ai. When you invest in guilty pleasures, Q.ai’s deep learning algorithms work to reduce risk and maximize gains. So pick your poison with Q.ai’s new Guilty Pleasures Kit.

This kit offers diversified exposure to top US companies in alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, gambling, adult entertainment, online dating, and consumer companies that run the gamut of safe sex products. Whether marijuana laws change or a new dating platform takes the helm, stay atop the trends. Our AI identifies the top-performing vices of the moment and selects the best investments for you.

Guilty Pleasures Kit FAQs

What kind of assets are in the Guilty Pleasures Kit?

Stock and ETFs with companies in the following industries:

  • Alcohol

  • Cannabis

  • Gambling and Gaming

  • Love

  • Tobacco

What strategies does the Guilty Pleasures Kit use?

  • Q.ai's AI-based models are trained on various historical information that help it to predict the weekly returns of holdings in the Kit, rank the associated securities and allocate funds accordingly.

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