Global Microchip Shortage
Written by AnnaMarie Houlis
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While the global microchip shortage has obvious implications for a multitude of industries, including the automotive industry and consumer electronics, it has a less obvious impact on your portfolio.

But, with’s Global Microchip Shortage, you can benefit from the high chip prices.

What is Global Microchip Shortage?

The elevated prices of microchips are a direct result of the persistent demand for consumer electronics, the increase in crypto mining and more. Meanwhile, the disruptions to supply of these chips, which largely happens in Asia, means that companies can upcharge for them.

Semiconductor companies are benefiting from the higher prices they can charge to their customers as the demand for chips ticks up and supplies stay stagnant. And you can, too.

Recent price increases for semiconductors are far greater than any declines in volume production or sales, which is in sharp contrast with the history of chips becoming more and more powerful while rapidly declining in cost. So we created this Kit to capitalize on that.


What kind of assets are in Global Microchip Shortage?

  • The Kit opts to invest in several of U.S. and international semiconductor manufacturers and industry ETFs out of a mix of 30

What strategies does Global Microchip Shortage use?

  •'s AI-based models are trained to seek 10 securities and allocate between them each week. The Kit shifts in and out of positions as opportunities and conditions change.

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