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Crypto is taking the world by storm. Investing in cryptocurrencies provides diversification benefits and captures the upside of surging demand for emerging blockchain technologies. But selecting investments, managing risk in this space and executing trades have typically taken lots of time and technical know-how. Until now.

Get invested in three exchange-traded trusts holding Bitcoin, Ethereum and a set of large-cap digital currencies, which are subject to change over time. The other cryptocurrencies currently include, but are not limited to Cardano, Litecoin, Solana, Uniswap, Chainlink and Bitcoin Cash. You no longer need to set up a separate digital wallet or manage risk allocation on your own. This Kit does everything for you, making crypto easy to access for everyone and automatically rebalancing to manage risk for you each week.

Crypto Kit FAQs

What is the risk level?


What kind of assets are in the Crypto Kit?

  • Cryptocurrencies

What strategies does the Crypto Kit use?

  • The Crypto Kit invests in a group of exchange traded trusts that hold major cryptocurrencies

  • This Kit provides users with exposure to digital assets without the confusion of digital wallets or the need to reallocate risk

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