Reduce risk and maximize returns. It’s the rationale for every sound investment strategy, right? Our relationship with Forbes grants access to archives, breaking news, article popularity, and intel on the companies that are sizzling hot.

With the Forbes Kit, we’ve tapped into a prediction strategy that analyzes and distills vast amounts of information into data-backed investment selections.

How does it work? By using sentiment analysis and a bit of algorithmic magic, our AI curates a list of companies that possess positive coverage and up-to-date popularity ratings. Simply put, we apply AI to interpret news stories into investment opportunities. Not even the top hedge funds have this level of analysis, but with the Forbes Kit, it’s all yours.

Forbes Kit FAQs

What is the risk level?


What kind of assets are in the Forbes Kit?

  • U.S. Stocks

  • International Stocks (ADR)

  • ETFs

What strategies does the Forbes Kit use?

  • The Forbes Kit leverages's unique partnership with Forbes.

  • This Kit incorporates Forbes's archives and sentiment analysis, to select the most newsworthy stocks

  •'s AI both interprets news stories and investment decisions

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