Active Indexer
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Diversify your investments with Active Indexer.

What is Active Indexer?

Whether you’re the world’s greatest genius about ETFs or have no clue what the acronym even stands for, don’t worry. ETFs, Exchange Traded Funds, are for everyone. Here’s the skinny. This Kit is a super simple investment package that stays in sync with U.S. stock market growth by holding a set of ETFs covering a broad and diverse set of U.S. companies. All the joys of investing, minus the rollercoaster experience.

Who should invest?

Looking for a set-it-and-sit-back approach to investing? Active Indexer should be on your radar. ETFs have built-in diversification, are wide-ranging in their characteristics and contain thousands of assets that keep you rocking with a diversified portfolio. Boom.

Active Indexer FAQs

What’s the risk level?


What kind of assets are in Active Indexer?

  • A mix of major U.S. equity ETFs

What strategies does Active Indexer use?

  • Gain diversified U.S. equity market exposure

  • The Kit auto-rebalances exposure with large cap and mid/small cap ETFs, as well as two tech ETFs

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