Infrastructure Spending
Written by AnnaMarie Houlis
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1.2 trillion dollars. That’s the size of the federal government’s new infrastructure bill. It’s the largest federal investment ever in roads, bridges, public transit, clean energy, internet connectivity, and more. Those who invest in these companies will likely benefit from this infusion.

Our Infrastructure Spending is your solution to making ideal investments in this complex, multi-industry spending environment. We’ve identified which industries stand to receive the lion’s share of spending, including steel, enhanced broadband and internet connectivity, and an expanded electric vehicle infrastructure. Our AI eliminates guesswork and places your investment in the companies poised for growth.

Not only are roads and bridges upgrading, but your portfolio is getting help, too.

What’s the risk level?


What kind of assets are in the Infrastructure Spending?

  • U.S. stocks within industry vertical

What strategies does the Infrastructure Spending use?

  • Capitalize on new legislated spending and promotion of specific industries

  • Invest in the specific categories of infrastructure spending directly related to the proposed federal infrastructure bill

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