A little magic from our AI cracked the secret to investing like our favorite finance influencers, and we have the investment tools to prove it. Check out the Influencer Invest Kit now!

What is the Influencer Invest Kit?

Nerdy as it sounds, YouTube’s impact score data is about as interesting as the latest viral cat video. With a little help from our AI, we use these impact scores to select investment opps so you can go full-on couch potato while passively cashing in on the popularity of your favorite influencers.

Who should invest?

2 billion — with a B! — people tune in to YouTube each month to learn and be entertained. If you're bought into financial influencers, try this Kit on for size.

Influencer Invest Kit FAQs

What’s the risk level?


What kind of assets are in the Influencer Invest Kit?

  • US stocks chosen by popularity sentiment

  • International stocks chosen by popularity sentiment

  • ETFs chosen by popularity sentiment

What strategies does the Influencer Invest Kit use?

  • Driven by popularity and strong positive sentiment

  • Customized for investors who want to augment their portfolio with a higher-than-average risk factor

  • NLP (Natural Language Processing) interprets tens of thousands of transcribed videos to determine those that gain and sustain popular sentiment

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