Caught between the crunch of the supply chain and the spike in energy prices, we wizarded an electrifying strategy. You do not want to miss out.

What is the Energy Crunch Kit?

Hear that? It’s the supply chain coming to a screeching halt. Oh, and see that? It’s people gaping in shock at the rising energy prices.

As energy prices surge geyser-like, smart investors are tuning into the silver lining. With a spread of investments that blankets the oil and gas production chain, this Kit unleashes a genius response to the stark reality of the energy squeeze.

Who should invest?

This Kit has a laser focus on the current mis-match of energy supply and demand. It’s a good match for those looking to invest in the ongoing surge in oil and gas prices.

With that in mind,’s AI rebalances weekly across a universe of 120 assets in the Kit, a strategy with the goal of protecting the investment and positioning for the potential gains.

Energy Crunch Kit FAQs

What kind of assets are in the kit?

  • Integrated oil and gas stocks

  • Exploration and drilling services stocks

  • Pipelines and storage stocks

  • Refinery and process manufacturing stocks

What benefits is the Energy Crunch Kit designed for?

  • Capitalizing on energy sector investments even if investors are unfamiliar

  • Broad supply chain exposure

  • Diversification

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