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Investing in multiple Kits
Investing in multiple Kits

Spread your investments across multiple Investment Kits or use AI to optimize your investment splits

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You know by now that it's possible to buy stocks and ETFs through our Investment Kits. But, for added diversification benefits, you might want to consider investing in multiple Kits. You can even invest in multiple Kits across both types of portfolios we offer (AI and DIY) at once.

Here's a quick guide to investing in multiple Kits.

Invest in multiple Investment Kits at once

In order to invest in Kits, you need to first fund your account.

Our goal is to help you achieve whatever financial goals you have, and one of the best ways to do that is to provide you with more diversification.

The way to do so is by investing in multiple Kits. Most of our users are invested in four or more Investment Kits, and many choose to try nearly every Kit we offer.

Choose your investment splits

You decide how much of your money you want to invest in each Investment Kit.

  1. Click on the explore icon in your account and browse through the different Kits available.

  2. Tap to select the Kits you want to invest in

  3. Hit the Invest button. An option will then pop up for you to choose if you want to invest through your AI or DIY Portfolio.

Note: If you choose DIY Portfolio, you will need to adjust the percentages invested in each Kit, including the new one you included, to equal 100%. You will be unable to save your new investment selections if your allocation does not equal 100%.

AI optimizes your investment splits

Similar to how our algorithms identify, buy and sell key assets within each Investment Kit, our AI can also optimize how much of your money should be invested in each at any point in time.

Still have questions? Contact our support center by messaging our chatbox or emailing us at [email protected].

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