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What type of investor is for?
What type of investor is for?

The short answer: moderate, conservative and aggressive investors will find a fit for their investing goals

Written by AnnaMarie Houlis
Updated over a week ago

At, we believe that everyone can benefit from investing, and we want to make powerful tools available to everyone. Whether you are risk-averse or want to take more chances with your investments, can help you to structure investments that match your risk tolerance and goals. We’re making sophisticated investment-optimization techniques and risk-management tools available to everyone.

We currently do not allow for individual security selection. But our Investment Kits are designed to find the best opportunities within each Kits’ strategy. The Investment Kits use their own AI to select and weigh securities, automatically rebalancing them each week to adjust to changing conditions. Each investor with can select the Investment Kits that work best for them.

Additionally, uses machine learning to automatically rebalance users’ capital between their Kits. For users who want more control, we provide an option for each user to manually allocate capital between Kits for a portion or all of their portfolio.

If users want more portfolio protection, offers a hedging strategy for each of its Kits. Based on multiple neural networks’ predictions our AI adjusts the market exposure hedged Kits. Learn more about our Portfolio Protection.

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